Agent & Affiliate Package

Total Package Value USD 1000 USD 2000
Refundable Amount USD 500 USD 1000
Non Refundable Amount USD 500 USD 1000
Time Period Of 2 Years rightsign rightsign
Sub Promotional Code
We would get Sub Promotional
Code for there Area & City
wrongsign 1+5 Sub Promotional Code free
You choose your own City & Area
rightsign rightsign
Additional Services
We will share number of Percentage of Marketing Cost,
Digital, Flyer, & Stall Rent
25% Sharing 50% of Gujaratfood
Data Collection & Marketing
Code holder would gather proper data (E-mails ids & Phone No)
for online & offline marketing.
Gujaratfood.com will bear the costs of Marketing
rightsign rightsign
Number of Percentage on the shipping cost
on every order from the Allocated City & Area.
10% 20%
Minimum Order Quantity
No minimum quantity Required of order
rightsign rightsign
Any Other Promotional Code for same Area & City
Gujaratfood.com would not give any other
Promotional Code to Anyone for the same Area & City
rightsign rightsign
Pay Commission Without Effort Order
We would also pay the commission of order
which we had receive from that specific
Area & City without your effort
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Terms & Conditions

  • The marketing budget would be decided by Gujaratfood.com
  • Maximum 2 function limit for Agents and 4 for Affiliates.
  • The flyers would be given by Gujaratfood.com.
  • The Agents and Affiliates are not allow to affiliates with any other food portal for online business.
  • The business grabbed by Gujaratfood.com would be the extra benefits to Agents and Affiliates.
  • The media marketing cost and big advertise ads cost would be bear by Gujaratfood.com and would be placing the offers to Agents and Affiliates when and where required.
  • The Agents and Affiliates would get commission on each and every order generated from his specific area with or without his/her efforts.