1) What is the basic reason to purchase from Gujarat food.com and not from individual site?

The basic reason is because, you can purchase multiple products from our site. Whereas, from individual websites you can purchase particular products from that merchant only.

2) Why it would be safe to courier through Gujarat food.com?

The promoters of Gujarat food.com are domestic and international forwarders. We make sure that the products get delivered at the right place at the right time.

3) Why it would be cheaper to courier through Gujarat food.com?

Because the promoters have broken down the down line links to reach to end-user and had directly found the customers from other country. Gujaratfood deals directly with the customer. So, all the profit margin of down line would be beneficially to end user.

4) What is the limitation of weight and how many products we can purchase in a single order?

There is no limitation of weight. You can even by 1kg and ask us to ship it or you can purchase multiple products as well.

5) How would be the packing of the parcel and what would be the quality of product?

We make sure that the products are freshly packed in the containers. The purchased products would be double packed with plastic and bubble sheet which would be fully wrapped by the tapes.

6) How can I track my shipment?

There is a tracking option on our home page where you have to enter the AWB NO and you would be able to track your shipment. User would get the AWB NO in their mentioned Email id as soon as he/she finishes the order procedure.

7) Are there any additional costs?

We sell all the products at no extra price except the shipping costs.