Rice upma (Pack Of 3 )

Product code : VFRU0001

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Salt Bengal Gram, Urad Dhal, Mustard Seeds, Vegetable Oil, Green Chilli, Rice, Lemon, Curry leaves

this is a Vegetarian product.
Rice Upma from Vakulaa ready to eat food products is healthy and ready to eat breakfast food. A traveller’s delight rice upma is usually relished. Vakulaa ready to eat instant flavour rice upma is instant Indian food special tangy breakfast food.

Method of Preparation: Empty the contents of the packet into container. For 1 volume of Vakulaa instant food rice upma add 1 volume of boiling water. (Note: The water must be boiling) Mix close the lid and set aside for 6 minutes. Mix well and relish the Ready to Eat rice upma

Microwave Cooking: Add required volume of water to mix & microwave for about 5 minutes under medium heat without closing the lid. Direct Cooking: Add required volume of water to the packed food & cook on medium flame for about 5 minutes. Serve rice upma hot

A delicious and tangy instant food Upma is just what you need to start your day fresh & healthy. Vakulaa instant food products are managed by a team who are passionate about what is served on the plate. Make your mornings refreshing with instant food packets that's ready to eat healthy breakfast

Instant food packets with No preservatives, no added flavours, no artificial colors & Quality, It is made up of natural ingredients. Gluten free, vegan, no onion and no garlic product. Package contains Tasty & Authentic Vakulaa cup sevai, rice upma pack of 3